From conception to product; an experience like no other.

Business shouldn’t be ‘business as usual.’ In not only my imagery, I try to provide an exceptional experience in business as well.

Herbata Tea Company
Co-Founder & CCO

A monthly tea subscription surrounded by imagery and stories. Experience new and delicious flavours and learn how to heighten them with pairings and mixtures. Follow along on the journey of discovery through your tastebuds.

  • Receive a curated box each month
  • Learn more about tea
  • Food pairings with your monthly teas
  • Discover a world of original tea cocktails hand crafted by us
  • Enjoy infusing your teas in to baking and cooking
  • Adventure through the world of teas through wonderfully worded articles and vivid cinematic experiences that go hand in hand with your product each month
Practitioner’s Playbook
Founder & CEO
Discover (Coming Soon)

In the 21st century, the alternative medical field slowly advances through the age of fast-paced technologies and online social interaction. With the combined knowledge of business and the experience in the alternative medical field running a clinic, the Practitioner’s Playbook offers a unique and fresh mindset on management and marketing.

  • Clinical and Patient Management
  • Daily and Weekly Procedures
  • Operations
  • Long term planning and how to get there
  • Setting staff policies and expectations
  • Marketing to run your own ads at whatever cost you’d like